About Tony Callander
Tony consults with, and coaches, entrepreneurs, founders, and CEO's of small & medium sized businesses in analyzing their business to identify where improvement is needed, then assisting in creating the tactics to make the business the best of the best. And coaching you personally to reach your highest potential.

The result is a business that you are proud of; one with the right, satisfied customers, the right team of employees with the same values as you, and a comfortable profit and cash flow. OH! And now you finally have the free time you deserve. The Best of the Best!

The experience I gained during my career and the methodologies I have developed and use make me uniquely qualified to work with you. 

I spent 36 years with Big 4 Firm Ernst & Young, including 25 as a Partner, working with companies of all sizes and industries from start-ups to Fortune 500. I was also Office Managing Partner of three different offices. 

Upon retirement from EY I developed, acquired, owned & operated eleven small businesses achieving sales totaling in excess of $20 million, pre-tax profit in excess of 15%, with 300+ employees. 

We begin working together by comparing your key performance indicators to industry peers and identifying opportunities to become the best of the best. We prepare a road map and hold you accountable for achieving your goals, including the personal time you deserve. 

With my personal attention, you balance your personal and professional achievements. Your business grows, it runs smoothly, and you have all the personal time you want. And when it’s time to retire, by exiting the business or handing it on to a family member, it is valued at, or above, your target.

With thoughtfulness, trust, and empathy, I focus on the following industries: 
- Manufacturing
- Professional Services
- Software and SaaS
- Hospitality
- Real Estate and Construction
- Retail and wholesale. 

The following key functional areas can be included in our work together:
- CEO's role and responsibilities
- Sales
- Marketing
- Operations
- IT and technology
- Finance
- Customer Service
- HR functions

The services I provide also include much smaller and inexpensive products, most of which are embedded in my offering described above. They are:
- Personal efficiency and effectiveness
- Work-life balance
- Vision, strategy and tactics
- A Team of the right people
- What should you fix next?
- Maximize profit
- Maximize cash flow
- Choose the best customers
- Simplify your marketing
- Scale your business for growth
- Value your business
- Succession or exit?
- Family office

I am driven to guiding you to create and enjoy the future.

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